We've been on the hunt for the best standing desk that ticks all the boxes: beautiful design, reliable, stable and highly functional. As a result, we have developed Australia's most good looking range standing desk products - all ready to keep you moving and feeling great all day, every day, for the rest of your sedentary-free life!

So in case you haven't yet heard...there are many benefits of how a standing desk can help you achieve more movement, focus and productivity throughout your working days:

  • By varying your postures between sitting and standing, you are reducing sedentary behaviour. Sedentary behaviours like prolonged sitting can lead to a range of health problems like poor posture, chronic back and neck pain, obesity, heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.  The Australian Department of Health recommends breaking up long periods of sitting as often as possible
  • If we're sitting all day, our body just isn't functioning the way it's supposed to and can lead to an array of repetitive strain issues. By introducing standing desks, we give ourselves the convenience and choice to add a variety of postures and movements. 
  • You feel happier and healthier! Emerging articles and research shows that standing desks have positive effects on productivity in workplaces; such as improvements with fatigue levels, tension, depression,and overall mood


Love to say goodbye to the negative impacts prolonged periods of sitting has on your health and well-being?  We all know that feeling... and just like starting new habits, it's all about making that first step towards something that you know will benefit you in the long run.

Work in comfort and style.

All Ready Set Stand Desks feature 100% solid bamboo wood desktops - giving your much loved home or office s a fresh, natural and modern touch. And with a choice of electric or manual height adjustable standing desks, say goodbye to that feeling you get when you've been sitting all day. 

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Ultra smooth and steady electric standing desks that tick all the boxes - reliable, stable, sleek design and super convenient to use.

Browse our range of Electric Single Motor Standing Desks from $869, and Dual Motor Standing Desks from $1,079

Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Get the benefits of moving while you work without the need for cables, motors and plugs! Easy to use manual crank lever allows you to manually wind your desk to your optimal sitting and standing heights. 

View Manual Standing Desks - $799


Bamboo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converters


 Standing desk converters are a great option if you can't part with your current desk! Already pre-assembled, so you can get your body moving and feeling great faster! 

View Bamboo Standing Desk Converters - $529

Cable Management Trays & CPU Holders

Great range of accessories available to keep your stand up desk tidy and safe. 

Our Cable Management Trays & CPU holders can be mounted to the underside of your standing desk, freeing up valuable space on your desktop. 


Visit our FAQs page for more information about our range of electric and manual height adjustable standing desks. 


The team are hard workers and sometimes people sit at their desks with their headphones on all day, just getting the job done.
Now we are standing up the office space has opened up. People are connecting and collaborating on projects in a much more dynamic way
— Ladoo, Melbourne
I love my standing desk! The idea is genius and I think more people should make the switch from sitting to standing...Since setting up my standing desk, my body and mind feels more energised! The Ready Set Stand bamboo desk top is also beautiful and durable - it’s definitely given more life to my office. Very Happy!
— Tiffany, Sydney NSW
I have to say I’m super impressed... my desk was up and running in super fast time! My husband and I are thrilled with it - sturdy and easy to put together. For a graphic designer I’m also impressed with the look - it’s really very stylish! I also chose you over others because of the bamboo sustainability aspect. A winner all round!
— Marie, Brisbane QLD
I spent quite a few hours trawling through the internet looking for the right sit-stand desk. Ready Set Stand definitely came through as providing the best value for money with the added bonus of being the most aesthetically pleasing by far. It was relatively easy to set up and easy to operate. I am very pleased with the product!
— Kurt, Brisbane QLD