3 Creative Uses For Your Standing Desk

At Ready Set Stand, we love helping people discover how much a standing desk can change the way we work at home and in the office. What we also love is seeing how people are using their desks! Here are 3 fun and creative uses we've found:

1. Standing Desk Race

Straight from our Ready Set Stand community - Team Ladoo show us a whole new benefit of having a standing office! Our bamboo standing desks not only help team collaboration and connection, but provide some Friday Fun for the team:


2. Bicycle Trainer At Your Standing Desk

For the bike lovers... here's the perfect way to enhance your indoor cycle training:


3. Standing Desk Yoga

Adapt your yoga sequence right at your standing desk! It's worth taking time out every day to stretch and relieve the body. Your muscles and posture will thank you for it.

Do you have a neat use for your standing desk? If so we'd love to know about it!