3 Easy Morning Habits To Kick Start Your Day

Through my own practice of starting new habits that actually stick, I’m happy to say, for the first time in years, I haven’t felt the need to define a New Year’s resolution list! Instead, I enjoy creating new habits that help support a happy and healthy life.

"Everything that signifies a happy, healthy and fulfilled existence — strong relationships, vibrant creativity, valuable work, a physical lifestyle, etc. — it all requires a willingness to get started over and over again."
Source: Why Getting Started is More Important Than Succeeding, James Clear

And so, with ‘willingness’ in mind, I thought I’d share my top 3 morning habits that always help me get things off on the right foot. I hope they give you some inspiration to boost your mornings too!

1. Drink a glass of warm or hot water first thing in the morning 


The traditional Ayurvedic practice of drinking a glass of warm or hot water first thing in the morning can heal the body in so many ways, just to list a few: 

  • It’s beneficial for your digestive system as it helps flush out impurities from the previous day
  • Warm or hot water increases blood flow and so can help alleviate menstrual pain, headaches and cramps
  • Adding a fresh piece of lemon can help boost the immune system and help control food cravings  

2. Take a moment to offer gratitude 


A daily practice of offering gratitude can turn an ordinary day into a great one! When I wake up I offer gratitude to my bed, my comfortable pillow, and smile at the fact that I was able to have a great night’s sleep. With more academic research and science revealing the health benefits of gratitude… this simple practice may just help in finding joy, appreciation and resilience throughout our increasingly busy lives.

3. Have a healthy breakfast (with protein!)


As tempting as it is to pick up a quick coffee and toast... ever since I allowed extra time in the morning for a healthy breakfast, it's done wonders for my concentration throughout the day. And I always make sure protein is included - you’ll feel fuller for longer and your blood sugar will be more stable (so you won’t have the tendency to indulge in unhealthy snacks later on in the day!)

How we set ourselves up at the start of the day can really set the tone for everything that happens after... And if you want to start feeling more energised and productive, why not start first thing in the morning?!   

If you have any morning routines or habits that help boost your day please feel free to share, we'd love to hear from you!